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Chart & Stethoscope

We appreciate this is a difficult and worrying time for patients. The HSE has now made it possible for your GP to refer you for COVID 19 testing. This is not possible via the out of hours centre but your regular GP.

If you feel you have symptoms we would ask you to contact the practice by phone or email ( rowanfamilypractice@gmail.com) and to not attend unless we have asked you to. This is to prevent the spread of the virus and to protect both staff and patients. We will be offering phone and video consultations if any respiratory issues and if needed will refer you for testing. You will then receive a call from the HSE/Public health about this.

Due to the significant volume of individuals that will require testing delays are anticipated.  Testing will be in dedicated centres or via the ambulance service and you will be informed which applies to you. Please note that once testing is complete the results may take 3 days to be processed.  During this time the best advice is to self isolate.  If you are UNWELL with fever or breathing difficulties, we advise  you to contact us or dial 112 or 999 for an ambulance.

These has been some debate about certain blood pressure tablets and anti-inflammatories and the COVID 19 virus. The European Society of Cardiology has found no link with blood pressure tablets and COVID 19 so we would encourage you to take your medication as previously directed unless we inform you otherwise. We would advise the same for ibrupofen and anti- inflammatories. We appreciate that information is changing daily and should this change from the above we will update you.

If it is a case you need to self isolate or indeed test positive for the virus, you made need a social welfare certificate. This can be facilitated by emailing the practice on rowanfamilypractice@gmail.com and we will contact you regarding it. Please see the chart below for further guidance on this.

Scripts will be completed as soon as possible and we will endeavour to email them to your local pharmacy. Please email or ring us with your request.

We appreciate your patience as we try to deal with all your queries.

Dr Doorley and Dr Johnson
Rowan Family Practice